Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Finding my wings. again

Today is a chill out day.

Junior has discovered the earphone socket on the tv that we use for her X Box, Game Cube, etc.  No more computer game music for moi!  Yay!! 

She plays away on them and Bart lies atop the tv, keeping warm:o)   Meg squeezes behind it for the same reason, I presume.   Mother's cat, Jimmy,  has settled in.  We keep our dvd's in an old set of drawers that we've had for years and the games tv and stereo are on top.  It's obviously a substantial piece of furniture.  Heavy but, sadly, not worth a lot...but I think it's lovely.  Middle drawer is dvd drawer which J always forgets to push back in after taking a dvd out.  Jimmy has taken advantage of this and uses it as a snoozing spot:o)  Maybe, at the grand old age of 11, he's into gaming, too?  lol   LooLoo seems to have taken a liking to laying atop the stereo.  I knew my ancient turntable would come in handy for something.  lol

Must remember to recharge camera batteries!!  

Now we are mobile, I asks Junior where she would like to go on holiday.    I tell her that it must not be a camping choice.  Tents, midges, primitive loos and me don't go..certainly with iffy joints!!  Don't want midge bites on ample backside and then not be able to scrat them because of iffy joints!!  lol

"Scotland" she tells me is the place to go.

Ok.  Good choice.  I like Scotland a lot.  There are nice home edders north of the border:o)  Not that they are the only nice people.   My Mother did have friends up there, but I think they'll all probably be frolicking on a cloud nowadays, especially as she hasn't heard from them in years, so no bunking in with them then:o(     

Anyway, what about going abroad, I asks?  Like...planning and saving up for trip of a lifetime, travelling around.  People do it all the time, don't they?  It'll be great, all the planning and research, etc..then brain engages....  What the hell am I doing?   I hate flying, like I REALLY hate it.....  I would need major brainwashing to get over that and probably knock out drops to get me on a plane.  But, still...need to do something.  Must be brave.  lol    Life's too short and all that, plus think of the educational rewards for Junior..and I have always wanted to whale watch:o)

I bites lip and wonder whether Junior will suggest Australia.  If she does, then I hate to think what mega amount of Paul McKenna hypnotism I'd need to cope with my little phobia?  Eeek!

Anyway, North America it is, then:o)  For starters:o)    They like home edders there, don't they?  Due to my little flying phobia, I have visions of us rowing across:o)  This is obviously a non starter as I can swim as much as I can fly.   Ben Fogle and James Cracknell did it, didn't they?  Maybe they'd 'escort' us over?  lol

Then me thinks..."Hmmm.. wonder, once we get there and they hopefully let us in,  if it would be safe to travel across this huge mass of land, with it just being the two of us?

Worse still,  how long will it take to save up?"   Sigh.......

Anyway, got to have the means of getting out of the country legally, first.   Have you seen how much it is for a passport nowadays?   It was only about a fiver in my Ibiza days:o)  And you weren't chipped and barcoded for the pleasure!!  Such is progress.

Bart has now moved and decided to take up residence on my Wacom mat.   Think this is a subtle hint to open him up another tin of tuna:o)  

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