Friday, 14 August 2009

Home Alone

I am all alone....apart from 12 mogs and a dog!!

Junior is out...again.

Gone on a trip with Mother along with 50 other people, young and old.   A little outing organised by the residents committee at her new abode.  They are a great bunch of people:o)  So funny and kind.  They are, unknowingly, doing their bit to mend Mother's broken heart and ease her loneliness.  

It's a 'Let's explore our countryside, have lunch and shop' type of trip, which should suit both of my girlies:o)

Meanwhile,  back at The Lodge, once painkillers kick in,  I'm hoping to rip out the stair carpet and then sand and paint the treads off white!   And make a Cranberry and Pecan Tiffin (recipe courtesy of Attic 24).  Ten years ago, I could have done all that in a couple of hours.  Nowadays, alas.......

I am done with carpets..and all that blummin' hoovering.  From now on, it's either painted white floorboards , white floorboard effect lino or ceramic floor tiles (already in):o)....with the odd rug here and there.

And..I am doing a 'Mandy' and decluttering:o)

Maybe, by the time it's all 'sorted" I may have remembered to recharge camera batteries and post the piccies!!!  

Going to try and find charger...which has been 'tidied away' by Junior....not necessarily in the correct place!!

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