Saturday, 8 August 2009

People of the same ilk

We are going to be mobile soon !!

Brother has found a little car, suitable for arthriticky moi and trendy enough for Junior:o)'s a nice colour!  lol   So, we should soon be winging our way here, there and everywhere:o)

The mogs are fed up.  Busting a gut to get out into the fresh air.   This enforced imprisonment is getting them down..and me.  Junior is absolutely peed off with the cat haters of the world.  She doesn't hate anyone, just hates nastiness.   Anyway, a new cat enclosure should be up and working soon, so they, the mogs, can sit,  sunbathe and climb the greenery and do feline things (apart from killing birds) safe from the cat haters round here.  The lovely local cat rescue volunteers have given me some tips and moral support.   Have put our names down as volunteers.   I was beginning to feel a little isolated, not knowing anyone around here of the same ilk, if you get my meaning, but I feel much better now....and so does Junior.   We have, finally, met like-minded people.   The cats at the local rescue centre made a beeline for Junior when we had a look at their garden enclosure....which was absolutely lovely.    The lady who runs it is...what can I say.....fantastic...and the cats are so well looked after.  She says that nobody wants black or black and white cats. There were plenty there and all absolutely lovely natured.  

Camera batteries need charging up, otherwise I would put photos up.  Slaps wrist!!!

Hope everyone is ok.


Brad said...

I speak for Miss Lilly when I say: Objection! Who in thier right minds wouldn't want a black and white cat?

Tuxedo, I call them and Miss Lilly is one.

'Cat haters' ??? inconcievable.

Probabaly the same lot that cheat on thier taxes.

Minnie said...

"Tis what's inside that counts, me thinks. Personality.

We have Tuxedos, too. And four black. Funnily enough, we can tell who is who, too! lol

We so love yours goats. You might have started something off here!! lol x