Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The mantlepiece has an appetite!!

Junior is into word searches, especially those that have a prize to be won for all her hard work!

Today, she spots a word search in her cat magazine.  She only bought it yesterday.   The prize is a nice, comfy cat bed.  Posh, too:o)

Anyway, she spends ages doing the darn thing and finally finishes it.  Yippee.   She found the missing word, so she is convinced she has won.  All she has to do is send her entry off and await the goodies:o)

She duly fills in the competition form, hunts around for and finds an envelope, puts form in, seals envelope, addresses it and then hunts for a stamp.

We do not have any so I tell her that we'll buy some tomorrow and she can post her competition form then.  I tell her to put the envelope in a safe place.

She puts the form on the lounge mantlepiece.

Before I could say "Not there", the envelope disappears!   

It has slid down the back of the mantle!!  The 'House that Jack Built" people who fitted mantlepiece didn't screw it flush to the back wall, so there is a gap....enough to eat Junior's precious competition envelope...and boy, has she got a strop on now!!!

She's tried allsorts to tweak the thing out.....tweezers, knitting needle with sticky substance on the end to anchor it and lift it out of its hidey-hole.   We tried sellotape, sticky dots, etc.   Nah.  Nothing works.   Never does when you're in a stroppy mood, does it.  She's even suggested dismantling the whole fireplace!!  lol

Anyway, tomorrow is another day and we'll try again and, hopefully Junior will extricate the thing and send it on its way.

Poor thing.....could only happen to her.  lol 

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