Saturday, 29 August 2009

Get together

Son no 1 is up visiting, along with girlfriend and Bobby, brother of our Cilla dog. So, Son no 2 and his other half invited us over for a meal. Was very nice and lovely to see the brothers and their other halves together:o) Plus, this little lady:o)

She is so sweet and BRIGHT!! A proper cutie and a credit to a young Son no 2 and his other half.

Grandchild of Min, making friends with Bobby dog, who is EXTREMELY laid back:o).

Still not managed to get the competition letter from behind the mantlepiece. Now waiting for big bro to come down and take the bugger apart!! lol

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ericsanna said...

totally love your blog. and u make me feel better for having 8 cats, and wanting to home school my younger two !!! BRILLIANT !