Monday, 31 August 2009

She can do it, at last:o)

Junior is knitting again:o)

Things are going well, this time.

The project she's got going at the mo is a scarf.

She has knitted about a dozen rows without losing her rag or dropping a stitch or few:o)

Not a mutter of complaint. No shrieks of 'damn' or 'stupid thing!' to be heard.... or the lobbing of wool and needles across the room at javelin speed!!

The mogs must sense that this is an important time in their little mitresses's life, because they're leaving her (and her wool) well alone!! Wise puddycats:o)

Maybe the knitting penny has dropped because Mother showed her how to cast on HER way.

Maybe knitting while watching Charmed is the way to do it.

Or maybe it's because she's just 'ready' to knit now and take it all in:o).......

Just in time for our first visit this week to a nearby Knit and Natter group:o)

Who knows, this week a week maybe Fairisle or cable!!

1 comment:

dawny said...

look forward to seeing you at the knit and Natter then :-) coool xx