Friday, 21 August 2009


At last.....Mother is mobile!......communication-wise, that is:o)

She's been feeling increasingly cut off with recent events and is open to the idea of keeping up with 'us kids":o))  BT are farting about reconnecting the phone line in her new home.  You'd think her advancing years and medical needs would enable a speedy connection, wouldn't you?  There's a socket there already, too.
Earlier in the week we toddled off to suss out suitable mobiles.   Mother's wish list a la mobile.....

First and foremost, it must have big buttons.  Not because of any eyesight issues, more to do with clumsy, numb fingers!  Then, it must have a ring tone loud enough to re-awaken the dead..... and a speed dial.   Nothing more.   

After a lot of prodding and poking, we found one.  Well, Mother did.  Would have to be expensive with a multitude of gadgets that she'll never use.   The cheaper, basic ones were too small for her.   Well, she thinks this one is ok and it's a nice colour, too....(so we know where Junior gets her pink preferences from now:o))   lol

New mobile is charged and loaded.  J has put Mother's contact numbers on speed dial and is preparing.............

Tonight, she teaches her gran how to use the thing:o)   Bless

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