Saturday, 25 July 2009

Bad Kitty

I had visions of making lots of bits...jewellery bits from Fimo.  Alas, Junior has other ideas and is currently designing AND making her own collection:o)  She has, of course, commandered all bits of Fimo in the house!!  lol  All moulding and cutting implements are courtesy of my redundant sugar craft equipment:o)

I shall just have to resort to making blinds for the garden room....a long delayed project because of arthriticky joints.    It tends to piss you off when you can't thread a needle, let alone put needle in desired spot!!   And, I have so wanted of late to stick a needle in certain places!! 

Meanwhile, Mr 'laid back' Ringo is SO in the bad books.    Came back with bird (feathered type)  firmly clamped in jaws.  Ack!!  This is the second in a week, so he's under house arrest for a while...until baby birdies are definitely out of the nests.  They would have to live in our hedges, wouldn't they!!  First one was a wren, this one was a black bird.  I so hate mogs for this.  
Bad Ringo.  Note.  Hideous curtains have been removed.  This is the bedroom where wallpaper 'self peeled'.  lol

Son No 2 doesn't want us to stay here. Wants us to be nearer to him and his family. Me thinks he's being protective in part. All this arthriticky stuff worries him as it is just not 'Mum'. Aaaahhh:o) He's a good lad. Tough nut, soft centre sorta guy. Let down at school, perceived as a trouble maker.  There was a time when friends always came first. Not surprising since his birth family let him down and he ended up in care. He lost trust in adults close to him. Now that he has a family of his own he gets the family bond thing and doesn't blame me for his crap start in life.   It was never a piece of cake, this adoption stuff.  Amazing what love can do, though:o))  He'd do anything for his child.

We made a lovely chilli veggie stew the other day.  Served with pestoed pasta.  Sounds vile, I know, but it was actually very nice.  This I managed to photograph before we scoffed it:o)

Junior is a big fan of pesto sauce.  Pasta with pesto is her fave meal.  We're growing lots of herbs, basil being one and shall endeavour to make our own sauce asap.   Wonder how long it keeps in the fridge?

We've been putting up posters and piccies. Home ed and art stuff. They've been rolled up for ages since the move and so were resistant to change! lol We got them up in the end...thanks to two rolls of sellotape! lol  She actually showed an interest in the Periodic Table today.   Memorised a couple of symbols.  No pushing there:o)

Have to go.  Baking Fimo time!  

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dawny said...

Gosh it sounds busy Minnie !
how have the mogs settled? Naomi sends a hello to junior, must see you soon :)