Sunday, 27 May 2007

Syd and Strawberries

Syd on one of his walkabouts

Our poor little Syd is a bit under the weather. He's off his grub and is not his usual perky, nice self. He's actually very grumpy. He's currently nestling away in my posh, hessian washbasket with bedding and food and within full view of the tv. Think the poor chap may have a chill due to the weather turning from hot to torrential. Or maybe he's lonely and needing the love of a good bunny? Or maybe he just likes living inside where he can be with us all (favourite past time being lazing on the sofa next to us)....If so, shall have to do something about his bodily aroma!! Maybe I could be lucky enough to find a decent second hand conservatory on ebay for a tenner so he could live in that..mmmm..I have a spare tv he could watch. Lol...can just imagine people going "eeeeeeeww!" at the thought of that.

We made a vegan strawberry cheesecake today, which was delicious. Did manage to take a photo of it, but blogger isn't playing ball at the mo and I can't figure out how to get it to go the right way up. Where's there a photographer or a mac expert when you need one, eh?

Junior with scrumptious vegan strawberry cheesecake. She's scoffed most of it!! Sorry if you get neck-ache from looking!


lucy said...

cheesecake looks gorgeous even side on!

Ruth said...

Hi Min

Just found your blog:)Cheesecake looks yummy.

Dawniy said...

hiya :o)

Dawniy said...

can we have the recipe?