Wednesday, 23 May 2007


You know, this growing old mullarky isn't all it's cracked up to be!! Bones creaking, menopause to look forward to - oh joy!.. plus added attraction of chin hair appearing. Then the memory goes AWOL. Some days I think I'm doing well if I can remember my name!! Ever go into a room or upstairs and forget why you went there? Well, happens all the time here in Min Land., Still, as the saying goes, there's always someone worse off (or older) than me!! lol.

Well, tomorrow I am officially VERY OLD - the big half century !! I was hoping that I could just stick my head in something and forget about it. Alas, 'tis not to be as Son no 1 and girlfriend have arrived from down south just to rub it in a bit more!! Actually, it's very nice of them to take time off work and drive up all this way and give old mother a prod, just to ensure that I'm still breathing and all that! lol. So, being eternally grateful, I let them have my bed and I tucked myself up on the sofa last night and watched a documentary on Scott Walker - he of Walker Brothers fame; the same Scott Walker with deep, make yer knees wobble singing voice! Ahhh! Apparently, David Bowie and other cult figures credit him with being the inventor of 21st century music (weird stuff). He is, by all accounts, Mr Cool in the world of the Cool!

Before I hit 40 I was determined to get fit and slim...didn't quite go to plan (embarassed look..sorry, macs don't have these hip emoticons..and if they do I don't know where to get them from. Well, in all probability, someone may have told me and I will have conveniently FORGOTTEN!!!!). Actually, I overdid the get slim/fit jobby and got thin and very ill. So, I thought...I'll try again (get fit and slim the proper way) for the next big landmark still a podge/walking eclipse, blah, blah....sigh.. Maybe there is hope for the next big one, seeing as I've discovered the delights of belly dancing!! :O)) Time shall tell.

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