Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Well, came downstairs this morning to find Syd Rabbit sat at the backdoor catflap awaiting my presence and, more importantly, his breakfast!! I'd let the dogs out first thing and not noticed him tootling about as he is a grey colour so he blends in with the grey slabs and decking. It seems that the pooches just accept him as another pack member, which I think is cool. Same thing with the cats. Awww...my animals are full of lurve!!

The wily bunny had managed to escape, yet again, from his super dooper hutch and has, apparently it seems, been romping around the garden all night!! Keep telling him about old foxy!! Anyway, lots of holes where he's tried to dig his escape route are evident along my borders....little tinker!! He's now safetly in his run munching on his food. I will put an extra lock on today!!!

Syd and Bobby Dog saying hello.

Junior did some times table work first thing...with no prompting from me. She also did some artwork on the iMac which I think is really cool and will try to get a pic of it up. Today she wants to learn how to crochet. This will help with co-ordination and maths.

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