Tuesday, 19 June 2007

I'm Back!!

Been having an altercation with our ISP and we are currently "un-interneted". God, I HATE red tape!! lol!!

So, down to the library it is for updates, etc. Unfortunately, I can't upload any piccies until we're back in the land of the internetting. Still, with all the spare time I've had, got all me veg and stuff planted and weeded on the allotment.

Am sat here in the library, typing away, burping away (forget where I am and, boy, is it embarassing!!)

On the Junior front....she's now a whizz on the pogo stick, likes maths a little more, we've swapped bedrooms - so imagine all the stuff we have all over the place due to that little antic!! Clothes and shoes...say no more!

Must go, as we're now on a mission to get the internet back on at home!! You'd never believe how hard it is to partake in things when you won't give in and have a debit card or direct debits!!

Why don't they have loos in libraries? sigh....my internet time cut short by Junior's bladder!! lol!

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