Monday, 7 May 2007


Today, I was jumping up and down with joy like someone demented as I have actually found an organic haven that sells the vegan goodies that I have been coveting for a while. Silken tofu and the like. And it's actually within my grasp, public transport-wise. I am a happy bunny. Shall be going there tomorrow with my granny trolley to purchase and bring home the goodies!! Yippee!! Junior and I have all these recipes we want to try...main one being a variety of cupcakes.

Our new vegan lifestyle is coming on and we feel alot better, health-wise. We've found so many nice sounding recipes, but they all require ingredients that one doesn't normally have in the store cupboard, but we'll get there eventually. Am after making seitan and creamy coconut pie (from the Post Punk Kitchen). Junior is adamant that she'll continue on the vegan path....she's made friends with the chickens on the allotment and has a chuck that she especially likes (Feather) so she can't bear the thought of eating even chicken now. We may even go down the raw food path for a while.

I thought initially that this new vegan lifestyle would be so very hard, but actually it's been a revelation and I wouldn't go back to meat eating now. Makes me feel sick, just the smell of it. yuk. And, I can look my pets in the eye, now!!

However, our so-called friends, the common snails, have completely munched our runner bean and courgette seedlings. little buggers!! So, shall have to re seed and put the pots on my bedroom window sill. Honestly, the little blighters even get through the cat flap!! So much for having three guard dogs!!

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Dawniy said...

min darling is this you , I am sure it must be with doggies and a very busy looking rabbit :-)
nice to have found you in my links to my blog bit.