Friday, 11 May 2007

We Battle on!

It seems that the home ed consultation has been officially launched. Had the e-mail from the ptb confirming this. I haven't sussed out how to put links in main text yet, but the stuff will be on the EO campaign and Ahed websites.

Apparently, they've given up on the monitoring and are concentrating on LA guidance. Hope they sort out the LA's, 'cos some are truly and horrendously disrespectful to us home edders. We've been on the receiving end of their ultra vires practices and it is a complete nightmare. It ruins lives. They have no concern for what damage they do.. or the law.... some of these LA individuals. They are just born-again-bullies.

Then there are individuals who are trying to make a name for themselves on the back of this consultation and the rising popularity of home edding - by slagging home education off and actually being quite unashamedly prejudiced. If you're not a nice middle class family who can afford tutors (namely him) then you are crap and you can't possibly be capable of educating your kids adequately. Jeez.....what a plonker!! He plainly doesn't understand home edding so why has he been let loose, apparently, as an inspector? Maybe someone with a great deal of patience should home educate him!!! Pete on Ahed wrote a great letter which put this guy in his place....bottom of the food chain!! Wonder if the newspaper will have the balls to publish it? And Fiona from EO goes head-to-head with this person on Sunday (Five live?) and I hope she well and truly buries him for spouting inaccuracies and disrespecting the home ed community!! And a community we are!! I'm so glad that there are people who stay on the pulse with the political and legal stuff and keep us informed. Grateful thanks to these people - north and south of the border.

Rant over....I'll go and take it out on the boxing punchbag in the back garden!!! (£9.99 - Home Bargains).

Am back...rabbit escaped again. Been trying to round him up for half an hour, even with the help of the dogs!! He uprooted my blue rose, dug another escape route to next door's and chomped my clematis!! Lovely little chap that he is!!!! He's now firmly behind bars and sulking.

Junior has done some lovely art work today, learned how to set up an email address, a blog and post on it. We've talked about alot of things. No need for writing..she gets it. Just see the look on her face!!!

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