Monday, 14 May 2007


Take it from me....don't EVER make gnocchi with wholemeal flour...whatever anyone tells you......unless you like gloop!!!

After a hard afternoon's graft on the allotment, we were looking forward to our we know. I heroically consumed mine and am expecting a blockage of sorts!! Have put the pizza in for junior!! lol

On the chick out of nine has hatched and it's a cutie....Shall post up piccies tomorrow. Junior has named it Ashlee (she reckons it's a boy/girl name) seeing as we don't know the sex...but who cares!!! She absolutely loves it up there. But, slap me on the head.. we went to the local "highly overpriced but tough" local shop and purchased a loaf of bread to feed to the chucks!! £1.09!!!!!!!! (We are on cornflakes tomorrow). We found a python sized worm when digging out the array of weeds. Honest, it was humungous. Called it Sir and let it go elsewhere. Why do kids have a thing about handling worms. Junior loves them but I draw the line at having one for a pet!!

Like I said before, we are really good at growing weeds. I read somewhere today that some enterprising fellow vegan had made liqour out of her batch of there's still hope. Just think of that.....Min's Moonshine!!! And so dandelions can be good AND bad for one's liver!!

I think I may be peeing off our fellow allotmenteers (who are partial to spraying the old glyphosate onto their unwanted foliage) but I'm not going down that route..even if my dandelion seeds are now floating all over the site!! (tee hee). So, shall have to clear old windy corner the hard way. It's my birthday soon, so shall have an allotment party!!! For my birthday each person please clear a square metre of ground for me!! (two if you owe me a favour)!! Ta very muchly!

Good education for junior....this is where your food comes from and it's not that it?

Syd rabbit (who is in his super dooper indoor accommodation, is horizontal due to boredom. No way am I letting him out, 'cos last time he chewed through my telephone line. Can't help it if the garden is a swamp due to recent precipitation and rabbit hutch and run are bobbing about at the bottom of it!!! Honestly, some animals just don't know when they're on to a good thing!!!

Still got snails coming in through the catflap.....they're after the pooch food...... People....I feed my snails on Bakers Complete!!!!

Tv has conked. We are reduced to watching Daddy Daycare....zzzzzz

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