Saturday, 19 May 2007

New Doctor Who fan

Never thought I'd see the day but Junior is into Doctor Who. She watched it today and then came to me and explained in detail what went off in the episode. She's really into the science fiction stuff now. More for the story lines and characters, not for anything like model building. Thank God for that....haven't got room for a model dalek or tardis!! lol

We did lots of puzzles today. She loves me hands down half the time. She's very observant. Then, onto some reading which is coming on really well. Some thankyou notes and envelopes were written and posted to the people who were kind enough to give her birthday presents and then a little food writing. We had quinoa today for the first time and both enjoyed it, so we looked up its origins and Junior made notes. She did note that the uncooked stuff looks like budgie seed, which I have to admit seemed a reasonable observation. Hope we're not tweeting in the morning!! Wasn't there once a claim on the Trill packets that "your budgies will bounce with health" once they got their beaks on the stuff? Will let you know if we trampoline out of bed!!

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