Monday, 18 July 2011

My world is over populated....with tomato plants!

Granny Greenteeth is back!

Yay!...for Son no 1's cast off pc:-) The matching flat screen monitor is pooped so we are using an old, antique type one that big bro brought down and which is about 4 feet square! lol

New grand child has arrived and she is sooooooooo beautiful. Junior is loving being an auntie....again:o) Mother (great granny) is totally besotted and has 'the knack' when it comes to soothing the little one.

We feel very blessed :o)

On the home front.......the mogs are still causing hilarity with their antics. Honey Pot has been sat in front of the pc monitor, totally mesmerised by the cursor! 'Tis so funny. The dog has become somewhat 'portly' in her old age due to lots of scoffing cat food on the sly! Junior is so tall now..model material.... and I seem to be going the other way and doing a roaring trade for Tena Lady! lol J has managed to discover my secret stash of wedge shoes and sandals which, annoyingly, fit and suit her well.

We are on with the 'grow your own 'cos food is getting soooo expensive' journey and have managed to end up with lots of tomato plants....courtesy of Junior aka Chief Seed Setter. The garden room is sort of over populated with said plants....'cos I didn't have the heart to chuck the excess out. (I am such a wuss)...did offer them to everyone we know...but, they all seem to be tomato haters! lol

So....wonder how many we'll end up with, weight-wise? Have visions of ending up with a freezer full of just tomato sauce. Eeek!

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