Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Who owns who?

So, Junior has been 'shopping' with her Gran.

Those two are such a pair of fashionista girlies. Should see what they came back with. lol Anyway, they are both knackered.

I was hoping to get lots done with this free time. But did I? Nah. Got way laid, as per usual.

Nice neighbour came round for a 'let off steam' talk. Put dog in other room, out of the way as she jumps up and claws. Anyway, when neighbour had gone, I let Pooch out
to find that she had repaid me by peeing on the carpet! Arghhhh! I regaled this tale to nice neighbour and she thought it was really, really funny! I thought I would repay normally lazy pooch with a REALLY LONG WALK..

She is now clapped out by my side. Pooped. Bless.

In the morning I expect the little sod to repay me with another 'accident....so she's in the kitchen tonight...just in case. lol

Normally, she likes to kip under the bed. I don't let her sleep on the bed. Lesson learned.

Her dead weight stops my blood circulation. Bad for health, obviously.

I have just, very quietly, opened a packet of crisps. Pooch has miraculously awakened from her exercise-induced slumber and is giving me the 'look'....the 'ooooey, gooey, I am so lovely, give us a bit' look.


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