Thursday, 28 July 2011

Peeping Thomesina - language, Timothy

I am feeling really agitated at present.

What do you do about nosy neighbours? Like, the stereotypical type.... REALLY nosy, thus intimidating, gossipy?

I don't like confrontation 'cos I always end up blowing my top and end up using a few choice colourful words! . I just want a quiet life and our privacy respected. Alas, I fear a mega ding dong is coming up.

My main gripe is that NN listens in on our conversations at any given opportunity and has even tried to 'tell' us who we should talk/not talk to on the street and who is a slapper! If she doesn't get on with/like them, so then we shouldn't..type of thing.

We get spied on when we go into the garden. Nosy neighbour has blatently stood at their back bedroom window and ogled. I know NN is spying because when we look up then NN jumps back away from the window....then moves forward when she thinks we aren't looking! What a plonker. We've seen it loads of times and so have other people. It's dead obvious. NN knows I find it rude as I've made it plain with a bit of sign language. lol But..still she carries on. Do people like this have some mental illness or what? Even when I go to 'nice' neighbour's and we go in their garden, we still get spied on via either the window method or the 'pretend to be doing something in the garden within earshot' method. Like I said, they know I find it rude and that we're on to them.

So now they've put in the tinted/two way type glass!! You know, the we can look out but you can't look in type. Carry on Spying! And when/if we have people round and we go into our garden to a spot 'unviewable' from the back window, then NN comes out and hovers at the other side of our hedge, plainly earwigging! It's just the height of rudeness. Arghhh. I keep our hedging high but they trim it so much at their side, they've virtually killed it off! Junior is all for telling NN where to go and the like. Others reckon I should just tell her to fuck off.

I was warned about this person before we moved in. Not to tell them anything I didn't want others to know. Even people who don't live on our street know about this person's antics and have offered 'sympathy' for what we have to endure...nosiness, privacy invaded, bossiness/bullying.

So, we hardly go in the garden and 'garden' or even just sit out and enjoy the weather nowadays because it's so bloody annoying, knowing that you are being watched and listened to and then gossipped about. It's making nice neighbour miserable, too. Nice neighbour is elderly and really.... nice.

Am at the end of my tether.... Can't believe there are so many nutters in the world that seem to live on our street lol ....going to take legal advice.

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