Friday, 22 July 2011

I'm thinking I'm lucky

Can't believe I'm a granny, again. Newest grandchild. She is beautiful:o)

Grandchild of Min no 1. She loves her new cousin:o) This is what I was thinking today. That I'm very lucky. Kids and grandkids...An idea from is a great blog. I think it's for most people. A very calming, relaxing and very informative blog. The blog author is lovely. She's a granny, too:o) If I've mucked up the link, then it's in my sidebar. Sorry, also, if you get this a million times. I tend to recorrect, a bit! spacing on my blog has gone to pot, too.

Olive mog has taken to stretching out on the keyboard...when I'm on the computer! Maybe it warms her up or maybe she's gotten a bit clingy now that she's a whole 4 years old! Anyway, behaviour has passed on to 'old lady' Muppet....aged 14! They're like bookends! LooLoo, O clever one, is sat on top of the 4 foot square ancient monitor, warming her nether regions! Bet her bladder is ok! lol

Muppet is semi-feral and it has taken me 14 years to get her to trust and come to me when I call her! Some 'person' used her as target practise a few years ago when I used to let the mogs out. They shot her in the side, so that's another reason why the mogs are house cats. She's virtually lived upstairs since then, but has decided that life's too short and has recently ventured downstairs..... and everywhere in the house/run. Plays like a kitten, up and down stairs with the others. 'Tis sweet to see. You can almost hear her shouting "Whoopeeee!!" lol

Muppet on the go

Muppet chilling out.

Jimmy is as bad. He is my mother's cat but pets aren't allowed in the place she lives in, which seems stupid to me as most of the people there seem to be very lonely. Anyway, she feels guilty and is convinced that he must be miserable because he doesn't live with her anymore. Hahahahaha! Don't think so. He's another OAP who whizzes about like a loony, goes nuts for catnip and likes to chill out by laying on his back, legs akimbo, playing with his pink mouse! 'Tis a sight to see.

Jimmy chilling out with his mouse:o)

In our village there's a little diy/home supplies/haberdashery shop. It's run by an older couple and they sell all sorts of random stuff, like sweets, ice creams, light bulbs, mops and brushes....anything repairy/diy that you can think of. Anyway, today is their last day of trading as they are retiring. I went in to get some bits...more for momentos really...and there was someone younger and unknown to me behind the counter ...the bloke was too upset to serve! Awwww!!!!

Anyway, I wish them a long and Happy Retirement.

To follow - gratuitous piccies of the mogs and a certain someone's feet!
Look at the state of those feet..and that furry footwarmer! lol

Two of Megans kittens. Honey Pot is on the right, looking very 'bat' like.
Kitten Ringo

Kitten Henry

Henry and Ringo aka The Chuckle Brothers

Brothers Bart and Henry - exact left ear markings

Some of the mogs lounging...on MY bed!
Olive about to pounce .......

Olive bags her den

Kitten Bart

Bart pouting
Ahhhh. Sweet Olive...bags and takes command of the laundry basket. lol

The end.


Ninny Noodle Noo said...

Congratulations! x

Minnie said...

Thank you. Latest grandchild looks just like her dad.....and first one looks like hers, too! Hope you are ok~:o)

dawny said...

loving your pictures , great to see you blogging again xxx