Saturday, 23 July 2011

I don't fit the job description

So ok. I'm a granny, but I don't feel like one. Well, not like a 'useful' one. I feel woefully inadequate. Wonder if others feel this way? I've looked, but there is no Granny Manual.

When I think of a granny, I think of a wise of those who, with minimal effort, can make things seem ok without effort, rustle up hearty meals out of nothing, make you better at the drop of a hat, make you feel safe when you look up to her happy, smiley face:o). Eeeek

Not me. I'm useless. I don't fit that job description. Arghhhh! There'll be no running round green fields with me 'cos I can't even bend down and put my own socks or shoes on without feeling like my head is going to explode with all the exertion! 'Cos, crikey, I still like T. Rex and George Clooney! I'm too young to have grandkids, I hear my head say!

Pah! Grans are supposed to smile and be happy. So, best get my finger out 'cos grandchild no 1 is a smart little cookie and getting to the age where she'll start sussing that I can be a grumpy old sod at times.

The plan? Grandchild no 1 is 3 now. She is old enough and ready for it, me thinks......So, this Christmas Santa might just bring her a whopping great big drum kit:o)....and lots of playdough! She'll love it! Yay!

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