Sunday, 24 July 2011


We've been to a mega jumble sale and come back with loads, as per usual.

I fear that I have a bit of a fetish and buy far too many pillowcases!, this time I came home with over a dozen! Fifteen, in fact. lol Don't know what goes off, but as soon as I get there this homing device in me sends me straight to the home furnishings and bedding stall with me saying 'give me your pillowcases!' Well, my new supplies have all been washed and are drying outside in the sunshine. Nothing like a nice, clean pillowcase to rest your weary head on. Still, Shall have to think of what to do or make with them. Maybe a pillowcase quilt? I have about 50 in my pillowcase stash now:o)

We got loads of stuff from the jumble. Nick nakcs..all 10p each. Money goes to a good everyone's happy.

Camera batteries have just picked the right moment to conk out, so I will put piccies up when they're recharged.

Tomorrow, I carry on with bedroom renovations. It's all been done on a budget and most things have been recycled. Walls have been painted. White...Wilkos..£5.97 for 5 litres. lol Below dado rail a really pale pink. It isn't a colour of choice but was paint left over from Junior's previous room makeover. Only one wall's worth of paint was used from the two pots purchased, by which time she had decided that very pale pink wasn't for her. She now wants black and white! Eeek. Anyway,you have to make do with what you've got, especially when you've got two pots of the stuff, so I dutifully slapped the unwanted paint on my walls and I think it looks very nice! Bought in a sale for £4.19 for 2.5 litres and is the expensive chalky emulsion stuff that's in right now. V nice.

Well, I have to declutter and vacate my bedroom of all the stuff in I get on with the next bit, which is paint the guessed it...white. Can't wait. No more manky carpet to hoover. Yay. Why do people pick beige carpets? Yak! So, after that I will be on with rugmaking. One for each side of the bed. Lots of unwanted clothes are to be cut into strips for the project...but do I go for the rag rug type or the plaited rug variety? Decisions, decisions. Well, actually, I'd like to make a 'Ragged Roses' type but haven't a clue how, so I may well end up with the plaited type..unless I could get 'pointed in the right direction'. lol

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mandy said...

welcome back.))) We've been making dresses for this charity.
real fun and easy they are.