Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Explain this

Blooming hell!!

This incompetent bladder of mine is doing my head in!! Arghhhhhh!!!

Have fed the tomato plants and could swear that they are moving! Triffids in the house! Eeeek

Something else on the EEEEK wavelength...

Have been decorating my bedroom so have been kipping on the sofa to avoid paint fumes. We have glass, leaded cupboards on the left hand side of the fireplace, in the lounge... and they house some of my nick nacks.

Well, most mornings at 5am...one of the doors opens....on its own. Talk about Eeeeeek. It's all silent, too...so God knows why it wakes me up.

Dog snores through it, though:o)

Could be my knackered bladder sending out 'go to the loo' signals! lol

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