Saturday, 31 January 2009

Mud and Words

Bro has been down to lend moral support and start the remodelling of the back garden.

We have a bit of decking running through it and which is a tad dangerous in wet weather.  Think ice skating rink and picture moi scooting about on it in an unladylike manner!!  lol  So, garden is being levelled and altered,  Junior was his capable companion and was totting up how much we had spent on decking and 'nice' paving slabs, etc when we first moved in.   She reckons that 'Uncle" and she are going to transform the decking into wooden sell and this will be the start of our journey to 'millionairedom' and her quest for a plasma tv.  lol   Meanwhile, though, I have to contend with a muddy house....half of garden soil has ended up in here!!   Took me all morning to free the kitchen of this mud and I am pooped.   Junior is now well drilled in how to level soil, make a step and lay garden slabs.   Next lesson will be on how to erect and electrify a fence!  lol  

Anyway, Bro managed to cheer me up as I am now insured to drive his jeep.  Yay.....freedom from expensive public transport at last!!!!!  Yippee!  I, of course, did the usual celebratory 'Hit the road' journey.......and drove to Tesco and back.  lol

Son no 2 informed me that Grandchild of Min has uttered her first words:o)  'DaDa'.   He is beaming with pride.   She can now crawl and is whizzing around their flat at great speed.    She can also pull herself up to stand (sometimes using Son no2's trousers) and celebrates this fact by chewing on Daddy's leg:o)   Both parents are pooped with this new activity.  Have told them that they ain't seen nothing yet.  Just wait 'til she starts walking!!!...then they'll need eyes in the back of their heads!   Ahhhhhh....memories:o)))   

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