Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I'm fed up.  See the feline schoolers blog.

Wy can't life just be simple?  Why do I always end up living next door to the 'strangeys?'   Why do they always encroach on my space?   I hate confrontation but I just flipped today..so did Junior.

Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone.

I'm totally peed off and want to go and emigrate to some island that is free of plonkers.  Does such a place exist?

I'm going to purchase some lottery tickets asap.....meanwhile.....



Dawny said...

oh I just so know how you feel , lots of empathy.
Karma though Min, what comes around goes around

Anonymous said...

The plonker-free island sounds good. Sorry you're having a bad time - hope it's all resolved soon. xx

Brad said...

You'd be right at home here in Seattle, not that we don't have plonkers, but you recoginize the wet, dank weather!

Minnie said...

Lol. Apparently, more intelligent people live in Seattle than anywhere else!