Monday, 2 February 2009


We decided to take pooch out for a 'Sunday' walk.  Get some fresh air into those coughy lungs!!  Going for a walk means may aswell wander over to nearest village for 'overpriced and only one around here' local shop.

So, adorned in suitable clothing...jumpers, coats, scarves, gloves....and we goes:o)

We hot-foots it across local 'trail'.   First part of this is usually populated with over-friendly cattle and horses.  Today, farmer sees sense and puts them away.   Why is this? was VERY cold!!

Onwards we toddle and eventually we reach our mini supermarket.  We manage to part with twenty-five quid and gets ready for journey back.  (Pooch is loving it, by the way.  Lots of space to whizz about and do dog stuff:o))  )

Gets outside mini supermarket to be greeted by snow encrusted pooch who was patiently waiting for us...and her chewies.  Yes.  We have the snow.  It was blizzard-like.  Like, REALLY blizzard like.  And COLD!!  

Good job we were just in time for 'once in a blue moon' bus back to our village.  Ahhhhh...public transport:o))  lol


Brad said...

It's only been weeks since we had 8 inches of it and you've made me miss it already!

I like that snowed in/hunkered down feeling.

Dawny said...

and it is blinkin cold isn't it.
love to you all :0) xx

Dawny said...

gosh it reminds me of the cold days when i lived at wirksworth , they always gave me earache.
Very energetic of you :-)
I've tagged you on my blog x (it's a quick nice one )

Ruth said...

You OK Min? - long time no blog!

Minnie said...

Sorry. I miss blogland!! Not online at the mo. Hassle with the neighbours from hell and especially the mad cat woman and her boyfriend. We're being harrassed and threatened. Police been informed but don't seem able to do anything!!!! So, we're moving...and hopefully will be back on line soon with all the gory details!!! lol

Meanwhile, I will figure out an appropriate hex for these people!!! lol

Hope you are all ok:o))) xxx

Ruth said...

Sounds exciting. ( the move I mean ) Neighbours and the cat woman and bf are a nightmare.

((hugs)) hope it all goes well:)