Thursday, 22 January 2009

Recycling and Horse Drops

Woke up this morning to painful, swollen, iffy joints again, after having spent half the night coughing....blumming irritating thing is haunting me.   Doc says it's viral.  Nothing they can do.  Just keep taking the tablets, cough medicine and get plenty of bed rest!!    She can't give me anything for the arthritis, either.  Just keep taking non-steroidal stuff because the arthritis is in it's early stages!!  Bugger!!  But, she gave me some supplements, which are the size of horse drops.  lol    The annoying bits of arthritis,  like not being able to grip properly, craft for my supposed business,  OPEN jars and bottles... are doing my head in and slowing me down to sloth pace!!  I'm permanently knackered.     Doctor says that if the house is too cold then we should consider moving to a warmer one!!   Our flu virus will take longer to clear, too, otherwise. easier said than done, given my financial state.   So meanwhile, heating goes on and I'll try the Euro lottery tomorrow:o)  The energy company sent a letter the other day and now my monthly payment has quadrupled to what they orignally wanted earlier this year.  It's like a mortgage.  Wish I could get some solar panels up but councils don't seem to see sense to allow it...sigh..  Pity, 'cos I could electrify the fence lifter's panels for free!!  lol

We have a mountain of recycling stuff to be collected..surprise, surprise....mainly tins from cat food..and the odd bottle or two!! lol     Junior is into J2O's so if we see them on offer and we can afford, then into the shopping trolley they go. We have a pile of those now..and empty cough medicine bottles.

We don't recycle paper. We tend to tear it up and use for cat litter. Saves dosh..and the bin isn't as heavy. Come better weather I'll burn the 'done' litter in a metal bin and use the ashes as some form of fertiliser on non edible plants. I'm sure you must be able to, just have to read up on it!

Junior has been computing today...and baking.  Flapjacks.....recipe from a Sue Lawrence book.  She's into garlic bread at the mo, too.  Too much watching John Edward, maybe?  She thinks it's creepy but I think it's fascinating. Anyway, she has a Beanie bat.  He's kept on top of a tallboy unit.   Went into the bedroom today to find that he was on the floor.  Maybe he'd been trying out his wings?  lol 

We didn't go out today, as voted by Junior.  Too cold and rainy.  Not good for present health and continued dependency on Tena Lady.  lol   We had a natter about the weather.  It's going to be wet again tomorrow, apparently.  So, we talked about who is going to get what where weather-wise in the land.  North, South, East and West.  We got talking about Scotland and she asks which motorway exit Scotland is!  lol  Out with the road atlas tomorrow, me thinks:o) 

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