Friday, 23 January 2009

Look Who Else Wants Bailing Out

In my quiet moments, when I'm tearing up old newspapers for the cat litters, I sometimes glance down and see if I've missed anything in the papers.  I spotted this this morning and it made me titter a bit.  Tittering is about as far as I get nowadays.


Your country's sex industry needs you

You would think it would be used to it by now, but apparently the sex industry finds itself in a difficult position.  Lovers around the world are so busy struggling through the recession that they have little time can we put this politely?.....any of the little extras provided by sex shops and erotic magazines.  Now leaders of the sex industry in Germany and the US are demanding the same sort of government assistance that has been offered to banks and car manufacturers.

Such an idea must be resisted here at all costs.  It was bad enough when government took control of the banks.  The idea that Harriet Harman might seize the commanding heights of the British bedroom is too awful to contemplate.  It is true that she would ensure that all sections of society had full access to love-making facilities, but there would be absolutely no smoking afterwards.

People of Britain, our duty is clear.  The government simply cannot afford to bail out the sex industry, so we will just have to do it ourselves.  Lie back and think of the budget deficit.

Courtesy of the Times.


Brad said...

I have a sinking feeling this isn't just a joke.

Good lord.

Ruth said...

Once again you are testing my pelvic floor strength MIn. Really funny:)

Gill said...


You're tagged, BTW. Welcome back! xx