Friday, 23 January 2009

The Control Freaks are at it again

The control freaks have set up yet another consultation on home ed.  

We weren't advised of this.  Not even EO.  Very sneaky.  

It only runs for 4 weeks instead of the usual 12.     Even more control freaky.  Blink and you'll miss it, sort of thing.  Very, very naughty.

Closing date is 20th Feb.

There is one for the LAs.  They have 60 questions, we have 5!!..and all loaded in my opinion.   The word monitor comes up an awful lot in the LA one.  We get the Every Child Matters tosh a lot in ours.  Home edding is being linked with child abuse and forced marriages.  There is nothing to support this accusation, mind you.  It's just an excuse to try and control home edding.   If they are worried about forced marriages, why don't they confront those ethnic groups directly?  Nope.  Would cause too much of an Ooh Ahh.

The people responsible for this have a bad dose of OCD me thinks.  Intent on taking away our freedoms and rights.  Bloody Gah!!!!

The home edding parents that I know HE because they have their childrens' best interests at heart.  And, the kids are well and happy.  Can the same be said for those poor tikes who spend the daily 9 - 3.30 being brainwashed, told what to learn and think in that prison called school?

And what about all those kids who are injured in school.  Or those who are bullied and the kids who commit suicide because of it or the pressure of having to achieve?  Gah!!!! 

They'll be chipping  the kids the minute they're born next!!  

The 3rd consult is here.     Here are the Terms of Ref

The LA questions are here

Gill is, as usual, on the ball and her blog is the place to go for info.   There's an interview with Mike Fortune-Wood about this, too.

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