Thursday, 28 June 2007


Hope everyone is safe, with all this flooding. Hope the animals are ok, too.

Son no 1 rang me today, to let me know that he had arrived back ok from Greece. Bless his little cotton socks...he luvs his mummy!!

Anyway, I enquires about his tan. His back has peeled, apparently...but his nose isn't's not as big as mine (the nose) he quickly points out. We shall see......he's coming up this weekend. I have the aloe vera gel at the ready!! Lol!!

So today, the kittens have discovered that they have legs....and they can run!! They are currently being "climatised" in the back bedroom. Problem is... every time we go in to see if they are ok (which is about every ten minutes) they zoom out of the room with gusto, exploring the rest of the first floor rooms. They have definite characters. Olive is the most personable one of the lot...outgoing, friendly..a proper cutie-pie. She gives high 5's. Megan is much the same, except a little more reserved. She likes her sleep. She has the odd speck of white fur on her front paws. Popeye is a typical male...bulldozing, playfighting , stubborn, likes his food. Should have called him Salem. Junior is still besotted. Spending money has gone on kitten goodies. She's a good "mum". I feel a big cat project coming!!

We went to our allotment meeting tonight. Guest speaker gave info about composting and waste management. She was very nice, friendly and informative. Compost is best if you compost 50% greens (kitchen peelings, etc) and 50% browns (straw, twigs, CARDBOARD). Did you know that if you soak rhubarb leaves and save the liqour, it can be effective as a spray against aphids? Don't spray it on veg, though. It's got some sort of poison in, but it's okay on stuff you won't eat. We sat next to a lady who had an allotment the next village down who explained that she had discovered grass snakes in her compost bins! WHAT!!!! how cool.... and she does this lunar planting, too. Might try that although she reckons it's all a bit buggered up 'cos of global warming. More reasons to do our bit for the environment then!

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