Monday, 25 June 2007

New Additions

My brother arrived this evening. He's a bit of a matchmaker on the sly...set me up with ex and my sis with her other half. Bro is a Mr Happy Go Lucky type...Mr Nice Guy..never a bad word about anyone type of fella. He knows I don't want setting up again 'cos the true love thing doesn't exist for me..I just always get it wrong... so he tends to bring me pets and associated stuff nowadays, 'cos he knows that animals are my big love. I give him practical things like food, clothes and towels. lol!! He did bring me a generator the other week..and some huge speakers on wheels, the odd bottle of wine, a butchers know...stuff that a girl wouldn't necessarily buy for herself! lol

Anyway, we were expecting him today for the delivery of a cat kennel that he's made for us, so shy cat can chill out in it in the garden if she is too stressed to come into the house. The cats were another pressie from him years ago!

So, cat kennel comes into the house....along with some occupants.....three little kittens! We now have Popeye, Olive and Seeker. Olive is the tri coloured kitten, Popeye and Seeker are black! They are tucked up in the back bedroom with all manner of cat luxuries and they're so tiny....about the size of a little jacket spud. Spook, our other cat, looks positively huge at the side of them. She's got the bag on a bit, with these new arrivals. The dogs want to know what's going on, 'cos we've kept them away... budgies are talking tactics and Syd will probably just want to hump them!! Junior, needless to say, is in love and totally besotted. Can just imagine what Mother will say!!!



mandy said...

They are soooo gorgeous, Im not coming anywhere near you till their fully grown)))LOL

Minnie said...

Lol! You'd never get past the front door with them. Junior is in full-on caring mode with them. Proper little mummy.

Raquel said...

aww just caught sight of these little balls of fluff..they are gorgeous!