Sunday, 24 June 2007


It's raining, again. Actually, it's bogging it down. It usually rains when I do the washing, so blame me!! Also, I bought an outdoor patio parasol to replace the ikea one that got wrecked by the winds in the faint hope of getting our patio to look something like....appropriate and funky. There's me thinking we'll have all this sunshine and we have the rain instead. blah! At least it kills off the red spider mites, pesky little things.

So, rainy day activity-wise.....Junior has gone into card making mode. She's churning them out at a rate of knots...and some are pretty darned good. No more hastily made cards...we have a ready made supply to pick from now.

We also made some window stickers and they are cool, too.

I won ten quid on the national lottery!! woo hoo Should go towards a new cat flap:O) Hope Bobby doesn't end up wearing this one as a necklace too!! Maybe I should buy us some waders instead, in view of the weather lately?

We went up to the allotment yesterday to plant some more veg and I must say that the stuff we've put in already is growing mighty fine, except the courgettes and sweetcorn...they look a bit bedraggled. We managed to plant three runner bean plants around a wigwam on the big allotment aswell but got rained off of course and also very mudded up. I keep getting nagged to put weedkiller on this plot but I'm not happy with that, so am doing my best to get it tamed naturally. Weeds are just flowers in the wrong place, aren't they? I actually like most weeds and If I could think of a use for dock plants in particular then I'd make a fortune. lol Glyphosate. That's what some of the other allotmenteers keep telling me to put on. It neutralises once it hits the soil and you can, apparently, plant veg and stuff within two weeks and it will not harm you when you come to eat the stuff. Dunno...the chemicals must go somewhere..they can't just vanish! Anyway, I'm determined to be organic, so if anyone has any bright ideas how I tame the plot? I've got a few old rugs on and some weed suppresant cover for now. The thing is, I don't want one of those regimented, functional allotments. I want one that has different rooms for different fruit, veg and flowers, maybe a pond, the odd scarecrow, a wild bit for the creatures, bunting around the fence to make it homely.... not just a massive ploughed field like some of the weedkilling blokes have! Anyway, we came back home looking like human gloops, had a bath and got changed and now we have colds:O( Junior was happy, though, 'cos we got back in time for Doctor Who.

My brother is coming down today. He's built us a cat kennel for the garden so the shy cat can chill out in peace. It's on castors, apparently and so I think I may further customise it and decorate externally. I know, I've been looking at too many craft blogs. I ought to get my arse into gear and start up a little shop/business myself. Mmm, wonder if big bro would make me a little studio? That would be so cool. Shall have to share with the budgies and clutter in the little bedroom until then!!

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