Thursday, 21 June 2007

Raining Frogs.

Well, you need a canoe to get down our garden, thanks to the torrential downpours. Resident frog is not so shy nowadays and is hopefully munching on the Bakers Complete-fed snails who live it up here! lol. We did a project on the whole frogspawn, tadpole, frog cycle. Even sank in a little washing up bowl so frog and co feel at home.

Our frog with pesky snail!!

Our frog

We went on a visit to see the oldest cave artwork in England at Creswell Craggs. Pretty cool. Don't think I would have liked being a "cave person"....not with all those wild animals eyeing us up for lunch!! We were coached by our guides on the art of spear throwing (we would have starved!!) and other survivial techniques like starting a fire (would have frozen!!). We enjoyed it. You don't always realise that such awesome places can actually be in this country.

Creswell Crags - caveman country!

Hard hat and torch at the ready..those caves were eerie!!

Spear hunter

Trying to get a spark going

Wouldn't fancy having one of these for a pet....think of the poo run!!

Syd has been romping around, digging up the borders, burrowing and is, thus, still trying to escape to next door's (where they have a few Jessica rabbits;O) He's definitely one carrot short of a bunch - or just plain crazy..bunny with a death wish, etc - 'cos he tried to hump the dogs yesterday! The cats were off like a shot when they saw that. lol He whizzes around the garden most of the day and gives me the runaround when I try and get him back into his hutch.

Junior has been busy. We left the library yesterday armed with many, many books and she's working her way through those- Origami, Scooby Doo cookery (!) and a human body parts book...I got a "eeeewww" when we looked at that one. I'll save the solar system, volcanoes and map reading stuff for next week, then. We got the Shrek the Third storybook yesterday, too. She just curled up in her favourite armchair and started reading it.

Home ed meeting was ok. It's held in such a nice place with lots of room for the kids.

Son no 1 is now on some idyllic Greek island. He texted me to let me know he and other half had landed ok and that it's 34 degrees out there! Bet he comes back with a red nose - not the Comic Relief type either!! (family joke - we are blessed with big hooters and he's inherited his somehow, although he's denying it!)

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