Friday, 29 June 2007

Do I ever learn?

Our first fruits have appeared!! Wonder how long it'll take for them to turn red? Last year we grew them outside and they were attacked by red spider mites. This year I'm playing safe and Tomato Plant is safe and molly coddled on our kitchen window sill.

Tomatoes have appeared!!

Junior and I swapped bedrooms the other week. If you visit my home then you'll understand that this is a major upheaval......clothes, shoes (ha...should have named my daughter Imelda!!), handbags, makeup, art stuff, Tracy Beaker stuff in transit....sigh.... So, for the last couple of weeks we have sort of being doing things gradually... there being stuff in "limbo" about the house (ok, not tidied away). Anyway, with the arrival of the kitties, Junior has decided that she does, after all, like her old bedroom and can she have it back? Ok. I am happy 'cos this means I can have my double bed back (wouldn't fit in her room). Well, the move back is done... it's bliss!! My space is staying my space from now on. I'm knackered.

Guess who wants to come out and play?

So, just as we have stuff all over the place, kittens racing round, pooches downstairs behind the dog gate busting a gut to get upstairs and see what's going on, Syd hopping around the garden and stopping off to dig his escape routes, I get a phone call from Son no 1. He asks what the situation is like here with respect to flooding, etc 'cos he and girlfriend want to come up for the weekend. Talk about timing. He seems pretty miffed when I ask "are you kidding me?" which I get, lips a quivering, don't I want to see him? I explain that I would love to see him but, in view of the atrocious weather of late that I'd rather he came up when the weather is better. Last thing I want is for PC Plod to knock on the door and tell me that they've found him bobbing about in his little Ford Fiesta in the middle of a field somewhere!!

So, we watch the weather and..five hours later, miraculously, it's sunny and lovely here. He's going to land here at 11pm. I have the aloe vera ready for that red hooter!!

In between all this we do attempt maths. We also did some geography..about lakes and flood plains...and some acetate art which we've put on the kitchen window and, if I say so myself, does look quite cool.

Acetate window art

Mandy and Yvonne will know why we've done this!

As for the garden fence...well, I've been wanting to paint it for ages to smarten it up. A nice bluebell know...the Groundforce blue colour! It would match our nice grey slabs and decking. Trouble is, the neighbours have got their side painted this manky green colour and I would hate for the blue to "run" to their side. If you look out of the bedroom window at the rear of the house then all the fences you see are either this manky green or that unimaginative crappy brown. Oooooooh, dare I? Decisions, decisions.

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