Saturday, 23 January 2010

Who's a little fart, then?

Ah....bro in law and big bro are visiting this weekend:o) YAY!

This means that my temperamental hoover will be 'looked at. If they fix it...bliss!' If not....arghhh!

My tummy was rumbling yesterday. Cannot think why, given the amount of grub I manage to consume. Junior found this quite funny as she is partial to a bit of toilet humour, seeing as she can be quite noisy in that department. She could give her older brothers a run for their money in any farting competition, I tell you. Mother is good, too, without even knowing that she is partaking:o)) Anyway, this got us into a discussion about the digestive system. We didn't plan it, of course. Just came out!! lol I remember, years ago, while I was doing some biology homework, then boyfriend....who went to a school for clever little things, peered over my shoulder and said 'Oh, that's what my sister means when she calls me orifice!' lol

The tiffin was made and some is still waiting to be eaten. It's too sweet, even for J. Yes!!!!! Could she possibly have had enough of chocolate? It would've been cheaper to buy it ready made. Still....lesson learned:o)

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