Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Watch Your Head

Ah yes...snow. We have lots of it, much like everybody else in the land.

It's snowed so much that its quite deep in places. And it's a tad warmer than yesterday so....a bit of the old thawing is going on. You can see large blankets of snow rolling off the buildings.

Talking of which.....there's some about to drop off our garden room roof.

Yikes! I shall not be pleased if any of that lands of me and goes down my neck!!
Wonder who'll kop for it or the dog? lol I can't take her for walkies as she's still in season so she has to 'go' out there in the back garden... plus the bin's round the back too. And yes...we have fairy lights in our cosy little lean-to and all manner of rubbish - dumping ground!! :o))

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