Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Dead Legs

Woke up this morning to find that I could not move!!

Ack.....blummin rickety joints!! Once I had 'come round' I realised that I had a certain Popeye on my chest....enjoying 'that' pose...where mogs tuck their front paws under and.....look!! Well, he would have had a good, long look up my hooter, going from his position. Poor lad! lol

Then, I could hear communal purring......3 of them on or about my feet....keeping me warm..bless:o) Feet were dead though, due to weight of felines. lol I think the purring is a 'We are very comfy here...please don't move! type of hint. lol

They are a protective lot:o)))

I think back to my former life (ack) and ex would have had a heart attack at the thought of 4 mogs in the house, let alone on the bed! He will, no doubt, be happy to be free of this and I am so happy to be free of constant premiership football on the tv with accompanying chockablock expletive narrative!

So, today, Junior decides that they need a treat (yet another) and buys them cat milk. They LOVE their young mistress...she has a kind heart....and the dog shares the lurve, too. She is proud owner of new chewie stick....

Son no 1 ia broke, too. Car mot failed. Needed best part of £500 to put it right. No more takeaways for him for a while. lol

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