Friday, 1 January 2010

Where have all the teabags gone?

I have run out of teabags and it's too cold to go to the shops (they're closed anyway) and Mother lives too far away for me to hobble up and borrow some. So, we are down to herbal teas and an assortment of chocolately beverages, most of which taste like poo. Mother always says biscuits, teabags and honey if people ask her what she wants for Crimble. She stockpiles them incase a Soviet winter lands on us and we're unable to get out for months. Wise old bird, eh?

The dog is still on heat.

When bro and his dog stayed she had to be kept 'behind bars' (tall dog gate fixed to kitchen doorway) Bro's dog was oggling at her, lovingly, from one side while she ignored him from the other:o)) They were both either too fat or stupid to jump over the Bart was standing guard to swat bro's dog if he went anywhere near Cilla.

Anyway, she is now behaving a little oddly...the dog.

She's broody and keeps cleaning the cats, as if they are her babies....bless. So, a few of them are walking around with a wet mohican! lol The dog is loving it.

Just waiting for her to chuck up her first furball!!

Junior has decided that she wants to sort out the kitchen. She wants a new one but we're broke. So, she is looking out for competitions to win such a thing:o) She is, at present, rearranging stuff and I'll, as per usual, never be able to find certain things again. I've told her that all the rearranging in the world won't change anything. It'll still be crap...and yes, the bin will have to stay in there, along with the dog bed.

I have to stay upstairs until the big reveal:o))


tiz me said...

pt New Year to you both and the Moggies :-)
any amount of sorting and moving will solve no tea bags - poor you , wish lived close enough to pop you some round.
hope to see you soon - well overdue!!

Jules said...

Wishing you all a very happy new year, and hoping that 2010 is prosperous for you, full of good health and blessings.

anna said...

ooohhhh kitchens dont talk to me about kitchens !! ours has a flat roof.albeit a small one..and said flat roof has ecided to spring a home insurance.... we managed to atch it up 6 months ago.but its leaking again...son went up on roof to fix it again today... asda bin liners are really handy...and methinks my new year resolution shall be to make a list of all the ppl i know who can fix and mend as a ''foreigner '' to get my shack repaired. aarrgghhhhh

Minnie said...

Hi Tiz,

Will see you in a bit. xx Might be mobile again, soon:o) Woo Hoo!!

Hi Jules,

I wish you the same:o)xx

Cool Blog. And your artwork is brilliant!!! You're so talented. Glad your visit went well. Around here, if you decline a meet you are threatened with SS referral. I could cope with someone like your person:o)

Hi Anna

Flat roof....Ooooeer. I once owned a cottage and the roof there was flat. Bitumen sealed..They conk out after about 15-20 years. Not good when you are broke. Hope you get it sorted:o) Our garden room leaks...the bit where it's attached to the house wall. One day I'll wake up to find it floating down the garden! lol