Saturday, 2 January 2010

The teabags have landed

I have brain freeze!!

We eventually braved it and went to the local shop for teabags..and other supplies to last us 'til next week. It's been snowing heavily again, has thawed a bit and now will probably freeze, just to make it easy for me!!

Junior insisted on buying the teabags. You see, I normally get the cheapest going and just put two bags in a cup when having a mug of tea, otherwise it ends up like washing up water! 140 for 60p type of thing. lol J has more expensive taste, so we ended up with a more refined make. 40 for 83p. It IS nice, though and there's only so much herbal tea I can drink!! All I have in at the mo is dandelion, mint - gives me wind, and cammomile..which sends me off to the land of nod. Funnily enough, one of the cats, Megan, keeps nicking off with a bag of the stuff. Have caught her in the act a few times. Maybe she thinks it's catnip?

It's really cold here, so heating is on alot. I switched it off last night, thinking it would be ok, plus gas and electric is SOOOOOOOOO expensive that the worry of paying for it keeps me awake...... Anyway, I did sleep..thanks to copious amounts of cammomile tea. This morning I woke up with cold bones, stiff neck, unable to stand up, let alone walk...which is not good when one is desperado for the loo, I can tell you!

So, tonight I'm going for it. T shirt, fleecey PJs, two pairs of socks, jumper, hotwater bottles....and the dog as foot warmer:o) Plus, a scarf for stiff neck and woolly hat to prevent further brain freeze.....and wrist warmers! Plus a flask of tea by the bed. lol Wish I had a teasmade:o))) Do you ever lie in bed, all warm and cosy, wishing that you could somehow teleport your bladder to the loo and back? sigh...That's what it's like with rickety joints.

I have a lavender neck cushion somewhere that Mother gave me ages ago. One of those that you heat up by microwave. I shall test it out:o)

'Tis no joke, though. Times like these I wish I was old enough to get a winter fuel allowance:o))

My Siberian ancestors will, no doubt, think I'm such a wuss!

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me said...

Hi - I'm a bit late with doing this but am just letting people know that I have added their blogs to the Blog For Victory!! blogroll :) If for any reason you would like your blog removed from this roll please let me know and I will take it off
Thanks, Mandy :)

p.s. Glad you got the teabag situation sorted - know exactly where you are coming from on that score! ;)