Sunday, 10 January 2010


Someone in this house is in Junior's BAD BOOKS!!

I think I have an idea who it is, going by current 'shifty' look!!

Earlier on.......there was little me... downstairs, tinkering about in the kitchen. What to make for dinner?, another load of laundry goes in, wash up, dry know how it goes.....and then I realise I suddenly have an audience. Some of the mogs have appeared in the hallway, sat atop the hall table and looking in to the kitchen....four of them...side by side....all innocent and cute ....Tinks, Henry, Bart and Ringo:o) Side by side...innocent and cute. They're otherwise known as The Three Amigos and Evil Doris.

They want MORE food and give me the 'Oh, go on' look....with heads tilted to one side for added cuteness. sigh.... It's one of those moments when I wish I had my camera to hand to capture the cuteness, Anyway, I tell them they can't have any more food otherwise they will balloon into fat little b******s. 'Go and run about for a bit' I tell them. Excercise!!

Then, a spine tingling scream can be heard from up stairs!!..followed by a fair bit of banging....

Uh oh........what have they done now? The mogs give me the 'We've been rumbled' look.

I call, tentively, upstairs and ask if everything is ok?

No reply. All I can hear is gnashing and frothing. So......I climb up the old woooden hill to see what is wrong now.

I reach Junior's bedroom. She had spent most of yesterday afternoon tidying it up...sorting out drawers. Basically, she had a real, good old-fashioned sort out:o).....didn't chuck anything out, though. She never does! It was sparkly clean and tidy. Yay!

Cats like things that are sparkly clean and tidy:o)) So Junior, being a clever little kid, has decreed that all things alive and feline are BANNED from her newly pristine pad:o)))

So, I goes in and unhooks her nails from the ceiling so she can return to 'earth'. She must have pinged up there in fury....bless:o)

So, back on terra firma....she's still frothing and gnashing. Bit mad, to say the least.

I ask my little darling what's wrong?

Turns out that someone had left a little 'present',,,in the the built-in cupboard.....the one that my sweet little Junior has been opening and closing all tidy things away My sweet little Junior did not notice little present.....which has now 'spread' to under my sweet little Junior's new and ever so trendy furry slipper boots. Ack!!!

So, little puddy tats.....who did it?

My money's on Bart who, funnily enough, is nowhere to be seen. lol

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anna said...

looool mine do that too. my eldest son for some reason cant take to one of the cats..nor does te cat have time for my at EVERY opportunity it will go and poop under his bed. right in the corner where its a fight to get it. hahahaha