Monday, 11 January 2010

The Rise and Fall of The Bread Company

Once upon a time, in a land far far away there lived some people.

The people were, generally, very happy people who baked their own bread. Some baked brown bread, some white and some were a bit adventurous and even varied the recipe and baked different breads to suit what ever they fancied or needed.

One day the people were told that they should stop making their own bread as their appointed leaders had decided that The Bread Company would make all the bread from now on as it was a better type of bread.

The people thought that they had no choice, so started buying bread from The Bread Company. However, the bread from The Bread Company didn't suit everyone and soon some people began to feel really quite unwell.

The people complained to their appointed leaders, but the appointed leaders told them to stop being silly and that the bread from The Bread Company was the best.

Well, the people knew differently and still complained. They wanted a choice of bread
but their appointed leaders ignored them and said there was no the bread suited all the people. The people disagreed and so some decided to make their own again. They made all sorts of different types..including white, brown, wheatgerm, granary..even gluten free..which suited many of the children as it didn't make them feel ill like the stuff from The Bread Company:o)

The people thought of differentt ways of baking the bread too, to suit their lifestyles. Some used gas ovens, some electric, some had bread makers...and some even baked their bread in the great outdoors. See, the people came in all shapes and sizes and had different ways of making their bread....all of which were great and all of which suited their tummies and didn't make them ill.

The appointed leaders, who had adopted a 'lofty' attitude, had stopped listening to people. They didn't like being disobeyed and so were not pleased at all with the people who had started making their own bread again. They knew that these people had sussed out that their appointed leaders had turned into control freaks who were only interested in controlling all things bread. The appointed leaders became deceitful (some of them were really bad men) and tried to scare the people into going back to buying the rubbish bread from The Bread Company. If they didn't agree then they would have to apply for a licence to bake in their homes or where ever and they would send strangers in to spy on them and collect information on their bread making skills and secrets. They didn't exactly say this is what they were going to do...they said they were coming to 'help' but the people knew exactly what was going off.

Anyway, this small group of people were a bit brighter than the appointed leaders and they fought back and spread the word about the benefits of making your own bread to suit your own tastes and soon had an awful lot of supporters....some even from within the circle of appointed leaders. They joined the fight to stop The Bread Company from monopolising the bread world...and won.

Some of the appointed leaders even began to make their own bread again because they realised it was best for them. They knew what had gone into it so nothing nasty could get in. They were interested in the new recipes that the clever people had and asked if they could have a taste. The clever people let them and the appointed leaders marvelled at how splendid the breads tasted. The people had made them a sarnie. They asked the clever people what they had made it with, to which they replied........'We used our loaf!'

If you want to be free to use your own loaf in the future, please sign the is in the side bar. Ta xx

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Brilliant, love this!