Sunday, 1 November 2009


We had no trick or treaters tonight. Is this a sign of the times?

Junior spent some of the evening playing solitaire on the laptop and then watched a few Charmed dvds. She's not into the trick or treating stuff...probably because her brother used to scare her when she was younger. Not funny at the time, I know...she'll get him back!! lol...but nowadays she just thinks it's daft...commercial and twisted from the real meaning, etc.

She knows about Santa ...and the tooth fairy....and worries about breaking the news to her brothers. lol

We never 'celebrated' such a thing when I was younger...the Halloween thing, I mean. I suppose Mum and Dad, quite sensibly, thought it was an unecessary evil....scaring your pants off with all that stuff. Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee films were enough for me!! Mum's told me a few tales from her childhood...up in the Carpathian mountains, near the land of Vlad....about children going missing...being found kaput, minus a few litres of blood. Eeeew!

Most people pick romantic dates, like Valentines, etc to get hitched on...and I pick Halloween. What a twit! lol Not surprised it didn't last.

Well, here I am. 3 am...... Junior's in the land of nod. The cats won't settle, neither will the dog.


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anna said...

we had a good halloween and lots were out and about here in liverpool . love your blog !!