Friday, 30 October 2009

Back in the land of the living!! Yay!!

Reason for blogging absence.....iMac is playing up.

It has gone into panic mode, apparently and won't re jig itself, even with the startup discs one gets when you purchase the thing.....sigh. This means an expensive visit to an Apple shop somewhere, which will just have to wait.

I was tempted to lug IMac upstairs and drop it out of the bedroom window....if my joints were up to it. They have been playing up, of course!!

So, I have been loaned a tiny non Mac laptop. Has to be said that it has a mind of its own and is a bigger pain up the arse than the Mac. Doesn't help that it has a dodgy keyboard. lol Anyway,'tis nice to be back in the land of the living. You can only listen to so much radio! lol We don't have tv, so it's nice to 'see' stuff again.

Junior and I have been up to allsorts. Have tons of photos to upload, once I figure out this machine!! The screen is so tiny. Makes my eyes boggle!! How do you make the lettering darker?

On the mog front, Mother's cat is well and truly settling in and is alpha male at the mo. Probably due to his grumpy growl. One of the semi-feral old ladies has been injured. Think she has been hit by someone. She has an injury on her side..fur ripped off and a rectangular wound. So, she's under 'house arrest'. She's busting a gut to get outside and is trying it on with stuff, like 'missing' the cat litter!! Arghhhh I know she's doing it on purpose, little madam!! lol Still, she looks much better. The younger cats are much more well behaved than the older ones, have to say!! lol

My little car has gone to bro's for repairs, so we are on Shanks' Pony for a while. Bro and Bro in law came down for 'her'. Made a veggie chilli. Bro in law loves his meat, but he. still ate this. lol Junior made them some fairy cakes for pud. She is now the proud owner of a piano of those big, portable, all singing and dancing things. Must remember to get headphones back from Mother! lol

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