Sunday, 15 November 2009

Nosh and Expect the Expenses

Am sinking under a humungous pile of laundry!

How come, when there's only the two of us, that I end up with so much? Washing machine is on at least three times a day....I have stuff on coathangers drying all over the place. Aahhhh...those were the days when ex used to iron anything in sight. There was no stopping him! Give him an ironing board, pile of clothes, can of lager and Match of the Day and he was off!!! Sadly...or not...I do not enjoy this activity..hence lots of washing all over the shop1 lol Ironing board comes in handy, though, as a feline snoozing pad.

We made the Sweet Potato Gnocchi and it is very nice.

I forgot to put the cinnamon in the dough, plus ran out of plain flour and had to stick stome self raising in. Dumplings sort of SWELLED when cooked! lol

I forgot to put the veg bouillon and white white vinegar in, too. (internet conked so couldn't look up the exact recipe details as we were cooking..can't blame it on senility now, can we? lol) But, with a dash of tomato ketchup/sweet chili dipping sauce and some sea salt, it was yummy. We made loads...or rather..Junior made loads. She was responsible for rolling and chopping. I am a slave driver!! We put about two thirds of the amount we ended up with in the freezer for a later date. We made lots of 'sauce' with the chard bit....more like a dumpling soup meal. We used spring cabbage instead of chard and didn't overdook it..just crunchy enough. Only thing I find with gnocchi, is that it can cool too quickly if you don't consume it with a tomato sauce..or fast enough, so warm your eating bowls up:o) Had big bro been here, he would have put a dollop of Vitalite/butter on the gnocchi, which would be nice tastewise.

When we were kids, Mother used to cook loads of pasta (we called in macaron!). Of course, we sometimes ended up with too much. The pasta was usually used up next day/meal...fried up until goldeny crisp...and it is LOVELY like that. Aaah, the good old days:o)

Tomorrow, we start the history of politics. Wonder how long it'll take her to identify a slime ball?...or if she'll pick up the habit of not answering a question directly? Maybe I'll start getting claims for expenses! lol

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