Sunday, 1 November 2009

Meat and Veg

Went up to the local little supermarket yesterday, armed with ten quid.

The aim was to get,amongst other things, something for tea yesterday and dinner today. We need stuff like washing powder, tea bags, etc, too. Ten quid does not go far, let me tell you. Everything is SO expensive! but you all know that.

Well...I'm a bloody vegetarian so why was I looking at the raw meat counter? Shelves filled up with trays of cut up bodies, some complete with blood! Yuk. I think that, sadly, a few of these 'bodies' would have been walking and living in some of our local fields last week!! You can hear them during the day, the livestock, especially the sheep. And then there's the very local chooks, clucking and cockadoodling away:o)

Junior is not veggie, so that is probably why I found myself there, in meat hell. I look at this 'stuff' and cannot bring myself to buy any. It's the smell of it all, too. The labels all had a 'slaughter' number on!!!!

Anyway, turns out J didn't want meat and had a veggie roast dinner. Me? I have to figure out some tasty veggie dishes for us both. Now the winter heating bills are coming in, I have the vast amount of £25 a week to feed us both on! To cap it all, I have lost my cooking mojo. It's upped and buggered off somewhere!! sigh....

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