Tuesday, 3 November 2009

We are feeling the cold here. The central heating is on and most of the radiators have a cat nearby, snuggling up, to keep warm:o)

Typically, Junior does not fancy anything hot for tea, like soup....she prefers salad!! lol

Anyway, with the house being so cold, think we are in for a sewing session to make a few draught excluders...and a new kitchen blind to replace the manky net curtains that we have. Nets are such a horrible necessity....stopping people from looking in. Wish I could have black out windows...the same as you get in some cars, so people can't look in but we can look out and still get the light...and have an undetected nosy at things:o) Somebody get inventing!!! lol

I had a little lesson on how to get piccies up on this laptop. So, I gets photos at the ready...then find that camera batteries have conked out!!

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