Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Stilll Here

We are a tad wet!!

Garden room (posh say for lean-to greenhouse) leaks rainwater when it precipitates!! Still, we are better off than the poor folk up in floodland in Cumbria. I hope it all gets better. What can I say? xxxx

I've tons of piccies to upload but bloody temperamental microsoft laptop is making my life....arghhhhhh!!!!!!! I have tried to get photos up, but me and laptop...not compatible. Just at the wrong time, too. Daughter is into taking piccies, when we are 'unawares'. Those are the best piccies.

Ah well, as soon as I have a spare £60 I will high tail it down to local mac shop to get my baby 'sorted'!! lol It has, apparently, gone into panic mode. Can't even get past the admin log in. Says it's unavailable!! All disks are ejected...a la Harry Potter style!!...pfffffffffffffffff!

Sooooooo, we've been busy. We still have lemon'tinged mogs around the place, meaning that the decorating is still ongoing. Jimbob, Mother's mog, has made friends with next door's mog:o)))) He comes in smelling of nice fabric conditioner!!...and purrs...a lot!

Daughter is beating the pc at Solitaire. I've only done it twice, but she does it on a daily basis.

It's now Autumn....and we are just happy to be at home:o)...making lots of meals, baking and jam making, believe it or not!! With it blowing a gale outside, it just seems 'ok' to be doing this....says she...with a certain Junior...in full view...clipping her toenails, flanked by favourite mogs!!!!

Still can't get her into history of politics. She wants to steer clear of slime balls at this moment in time.

Maybe that 's why I can't get motivated. to blog. All this Balls and Badman crap...and it is crap. Totally. You never know who is watching you..do you????!!

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