Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Junior has a cold.

She is well and truly snotty. Have MOUNDS of tissues...at the ready.

Some of the mogs are sneezing, especially Jimbob. So....central heating is on to keep everyone warm. The mogs don't want cat biccies...they want MEAT and snuggly places to sleep!!!!

Ack.....£30 per week is the cost of this.....the central heating bit, I mean.

So, with J not feeling well, she is knitting. Lots of casting on and pulling out....but she's persevering and is making a face cloth and a foray into making hairbands:o) We might even make marmalade. Nigella Lawson stuff. Homey stuff.

I've told mother to keep away. Cold at her age is a no no. But. she's oblivious to all this...it can't get her...sort of thing. Arghhhh!

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