Friday, 3 July 2009

Home Made

Junior has decided that she'd quite like to make her own beauty lip balm, cleansers and..... eyeshadows!!  So, the research is in progress and we might have something made soon.  We need beeswax for the lip balm and have approached a beekeeper in the area for supplies, which should be here soon.  Yay. 

We want to make bathsalts, etc but finding a cheap enough source for the ingredients is proving difficult, especially if you don't want to pay by plastic!  Junior is thinking ahead....Crimble pressies....hand made with love:o)  I'm just thinking in the 'soothe my aching joints' department.  lol

We've been unpacking our books at last and this has taken an age.  Mainly because we had forgotten how nice some of them are...and useful and have been looking through them before they hit the bookshelves:o)  We have a great cake decorating one.  Some of the examples in it are very on trend.  So Junior would like to try sugar crafting.  In a previous life I went to night school for this so have all the 'tools'.  It's just that I've forgotten some of the techniques.  lol  Still,  we'll have a go. 

We've been cooking from scratch.  Made mini goats cheese tarts the other day.  Junior's first attempt at making shortcrust pastry:o)   Some had spinach and tomato added, the others with roasted red pepper.  The latter was the tastiest.  Pity we got waylaid (reading the books!) and ended up with overbaked but very nice and crumbly pastry.  Was a bit dry or maybe we were too mean with our fillings? lol   Beetroot salad with onion relish accompanied.   

We throw away too much food, so I'm trying to use everything up nowadays.    

Home made ice cream is next on the list of 'to have a got at'.  Yum

Yet more gratuitous piccies:o))
Sons 1 and 2 hijacking their sister's game!!!

A certain Mr Ringo keeping a beady eye on his charge and ensuring that Junior does her work!!!

Cilla...enjoying the tranquility of her new garden. She looks so peaceful:o)

Henry VIII - caught in the act!!!

Ringo, when he was younger. Asleep in the fruit bowl!!!

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Grit said...

that's it! of course! i shall say Squirrel, do that writing you promised, OR I WILL GET A CAT TO SIT ON YOUR BOOK!