Monday, 6 July 2009

Birthday Girl

Was a certain Miss Honeypot Schooler's first birthday:o)  

Junior absolutely dotes on this cat.  She's so well trained, you could enter her in for Crufts.

So, Junior presented her with a lovely hand made card and the mog even got some beef as a birthday treat.  as did the others of course!  No birthday cake, 'cos they'll only chuck it up!   (There's nothing worse than cat puke)  Banners all over the place Happy Birthdaying the mog and she even found some party hats, which the mogs did their best to kill.  Olive was playing a twanging game with the elastic!  She likes to chew on weird stuff.   Funny little animal, but she is quite potty:o)  In a nice way, of course.  She's getting quite good at the Great Escape.  When we open the garden room door to the back garden, off she goes, with Junior in hot pursuit!!

This week, Junior is in charge of the household finances.  Eeeek!  She knows things are so very expensive and I wish I could buy her extras.  You know, the nice, girly things.  Even go on holiday.  Have a little car:o)   Public transport is so expensive.  Sometimes it's cheaper to get a taxi.    So, we're looking at menu planning (again), trying to get into the habit of not buying ANYTHING midweek and thus  'making do',  etc.  The aim is to spend only what we need to, thus save a bit, live simply.  I get really fed up with the cost of living.  It's all taxes, tape, being told how to parent (Balls & Co).   Ack!  When my joints get back to normal, maybe I'll be able to get the business back on track and make enough money to emigrate to a home ed, single parent friendly land!  Mother keeps egging me on to find an old, rich sugar daddy!  But, money doesn't do it for me..only love:o) 

Anyway, been looking at adopting a couple of rescue hens.  We have the space and accommodation now, just need to make it predator safe.  There's loads of folk have them around here and it's nice to hear them during daylight hours...even the cockerels who can't quite manage to cockadoodledoo:o)  Bless


Popeye and Olive.They were grooming one another (rare moment) and stopped when the flash went.

Laid back Mr Ringo, waiting for the party to start:o)

Ditto Popeye:o)

Junior's hand made card. Quite cool
The Birthday Girl, not looking too happy. She just wanted to eat the hat!! lol

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Brad said...

Ah! Cats in Hats! I can go home to dinner now, my day is complete.